Majuma Julio

Majuma Julio is 17 years old and lives on the edge of the town of Moma in Nampula Province on the east coast of Mozambique. She was living with an uncle in the town when she married Juma Momade, 21, two years ago when she was 15. They have a one and a half year old daughter, Fatima Juma.

“My name is Majuma Julio, I am 17 years old. I got married when I was 15 when I was living in my uncle’s house and he was supporting me through school.

“I arrived at my uncle’s house when I was 10 years old. He was a farmer. When I arrived, he was producing five bags of cassava, one bag of peanuts and one bag of maize every year. But then he started producing less.

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“It was because of the sun. There was too much sun and the rain was not falling enough. His production started to decrease three years before the marriage.

“It used to rain for two months, but after a while it started coming less and less.  I don’t blame anyone. The weather just changed.

“So when Juma came and asked for my hand, my uncle accepted because he couldn’t afford to help me finish my studies.

“My uncle called me and informed me that there was a man who wanted to marry me. I accepted. I didn’t like the idea but I just accepted because I wanted to study.

“I was in my seventh grade, I wanted to finish school and get something that could allow me to eat. I wanted to be a teacher.

“I was worried because I wanted to continue going to school. I knew I was going to have children. But Juma guaranteed that he would support me to go to school until the end and now I am in the 8th grade.

“Juma and the imam came to my uncle’s house, they did the ceremony and we were married.

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“I am all right now. I feel better than when I was in my uncle’s house because my husband treats me well, I keep going to school, there’s no problem.

“My husband doesn’t work now. He used to work in the mine. Now he does some piece work here and there.

“I won’t let my daughter gets married at 15 years old. She has to study. She should get married at 18, 19 or 20 years old.”

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